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We Had a Little Real Estate Problem


In We Had a Little Real Estate Problem, acclaimed comedy historian, Kliph Nesteroff, focuses on one of comedy’s most significant and little-known stories: how, despite having been denied representation in the entertainment industry, Native Americans have influenced and advanced the art form.

The account begins in the late 1880s when Native Americans were forced to tour in wild west shows as an alternative to prison. (One modern comedian said it was as “if a Guantanamo detainee suddenly had to appear on X-Factor.”) This is followed by a detailed look at the life and work of seminal figures such as Cherokee humorist Will Rogers, and Charlie Hill, who in the 1970s was the first Native American comedian to appear on The Tonight Show.

Written by Kliph Nesteroff, Published by Simon & Schuster, 2021, 336 pages, hardcover.