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The Story of Salt


Based on Mark Kurlansky's critically acclaimed bestseller Salt: A World History, this handsome picture book explores every aspect of salt: The many ways it's gathered from the earth and sea; how ancient emperors in China, Egypt, and Rome used it to keep their subjects happy; Why salt was key to the Age of Exploration; what salt meant to the American Revolution; And even how the search for salt eventually led to oil. Along the way, you'll meet a Celtic miner frozen in salt, learn how to make ketchup, and even experience salt's finest hour: Gandhi's famous Salt March.

"A lively and well-researched title, with exemplary art."—School Library Journal

By Mark Kurlansky, Illustrated by S. D. Schindler. Published by Penguin Random House, Puffin Reprint, 2014. 48 pages, hardcover.