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The Golden Flea: A Story of Obsession and Collecting


In The Golden Flea, the acclaimed writer Michael Rips takes readers on a trip through this charming world of flea markets and lost treasures. With a beguiling style that has won praise from Joan Didion and Susan Orlean, Rips recounts his obsession with the flea and its treasures and provides a fascinating account of the business of buying and selling antiques. Along the way, he introduces readers to the flea’s lovable oddball cast of vendors, pickers, and collectors, including a haberdasher who only sells to those he deems worthy; an art dealer whose obscure paintings often go for enormous sums; a troubadour who sings to attract customers; and the Prophet, who finds wisdom among all the treasures and trash.

By Michael Rips. Published by Norton, 2020, 224 pages, softcover.