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From the earliest recorded appearance of the disease in the sixteenth century, to the eighteenth century, where a man had only half a chance of surviving the scourge, to the early nineteenth century, when the British conquered scurvy and successfully blockaded the French and defeated Napoleon, Scurvy is a medical detective story for the ages, the fascinating true story of how James Lind (the surgeon), James Cook (the mariner), and Gilbert Blane (the gentleman) worked separately to eliminate the dreaded affliction.  Scurvy is a rare mix of compelling history and classic adventure story.
"Brown tells the story well, and he presents a vivid picture of life aboard ship during the age of sail -- brutal captains; dangerous work; rotting food; filthy, overcrowded living quarters; and the ultimate horror, scurvy." - Publishers Weekly

By Stephen R. Brown. Published by Griffin, 2005. 276 pages, softcover.