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Reading Together: A Story of Captivity

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In February 1704, a French and Indian war party descended on the village of Deerfield, abducting a Puritan minister and his children. Although John Williams was eventually released, his daughter horrified the family by staying with her captors and marrying a Mohawk husband.

Puritan Girl Mohawk Girl

In this riveting historical fiction narrative, National Book Award Finalist John Demos shares the story of a young Puritan girl and her life-changing experience with the Mohawk people.

Suggest Age Range, 8-12 years

By John Demos. Published by Harry N. Abrams 2017. 176 pages, hardcover.

The Unredeemed Captive: A Family Story from Early America

Out of this incident, The Bancroft Prize-winning historian John Demos has constructed a gripping narrative that opens a window into North America where English, French, and Native Americans faced one another across gulfs of culture and belief, and sometimes crossed over.

By John Demos. Published by Vintage Books, 1994. 338 pages, softcover.