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Newport Through Its Architecture


A remarkable coincidence of unplanned historical events has preserved Newport, Rhode Islands architectural heritage in a way that is rare among American cities. Newport has the largest number of pre-Revolutionary War buildings in North America, with some 800 in its old historic districts. With a diverse range of styles, Gilded Age Newport exemplified the greatness of mid-nineteenth-century American architecture. Newport's twentieth-century architecture explored all modern currents, ranging from progressive Bauhaus functionalism as it evolved into the International Style of the 1950s to more conservative Art Deco and Scandinavian Modernism. After 1975, the postmodern era gave rise to a spirit of preservation and adaptive reuse, inspiring the Modern Traditionalism of architects such as Robert A. M. Stern.

By James L Yarnall, Published by the University Press of New England, 2005, 324 pages, Hardcover