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Newport, Rhode Island Colonial Burial Grounds


For the first time all the gravestones in Newport’s colonial burial grounds have been carefully photographed and compared with previous transcriptions, resulting in the correction of over 1,200 errors. These photographs also allowed the authors to determine how many gravestones have been damaged or lost and to reconnect headstones and footstones mysteriously separated over the centuries. Introductory material shows why the landscape of Newport burial grounds differs so markedly from the rest of the colony. The history of each burial ground precedes the gravestone data which is presented, as in previous books, in the Association for Gravestone Studies format. This data is supplemented with details from diaries and newspapers as available. Appendices present information on gravestones removed from the burial grounds, broken or damaged stones, cause of death, and heraldic carvings. There are indexes for gravestones and maiden names on gravestones. 

By John Eylers Sterling and Cherry Bamberg. Published by Rhode Island Genealogical. 2009. 546 pages, hardcover.