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Mother Goose of Pudding Lane


Who was Mother Goose?

We all love to hear Mother Goose rhymes and riddles. But did you know that there was a real Mother Goose who lived in Boston more than three hundred years ago?

In 1692, Elizabeth Foster married a widower with ten children. His name was Isaac Goose, and after they married, Elizabeth became Mother Goose.  She sang songs and lullabies and made up rhymes and poems and even published these rhymes at a print shop on Pudding Lane in Boston, though no copies of her book exist today.

In a book featuring some of Mother Goose’s best-loved works, Vladimir Radunsky’s bright and humorous illustrations and Chris Raschka’s rhyming poems tell the little-known story of the Goose children, Isaac, and Elizabeth herself — the Mother Goose of Pudding Lane.

By Chris Raschka, Illustrated by Vladimir Radunsky. Published by Candlewick, 2019. 48 pages, hardcover.