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Malbone Plate Set of Coasters


Set of four coasters in a silver tin case.  Finished with a soft-touch laminate over a PVC core with felt bottom.  Each coaster measures 3 3/4 inches.

In the collections of the Newport Historical Society, Godfrey Malbone's polychrome Chinese export porcelain plate dates back to the first half of the 18th century.  On July 7th, 1766, his Newport home, Malbone Hall, burned down during a dinner party, but accounts note that he ordered dinner to be carried on in an adjacent building and a table set there for the company.  

The back of the plate reads: This plate is one of a set of Col. Godfrey Malbone Sr. of Newport, R.I. taken from the manor at the time of the fire. The set enter next to Brooklyn, Conn. With Col. Godfrey Malbone Jr. And fell to the Fogg family. Two of the plates were given to Anne Putman Brown for a wedding present when she married Asa R. Bigelow Sept. 13th, 1855. Col. Godfrey Malbone Sr. Have [smudged] Col. Godfrey Malbone next to Brooklyn 1766.