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Legendary Dinners: From Grace Kelly to Jackson Pollock


Chances are you were not invited to the wedding of Grace Kelley and Prince Ranier, or to Truman Capote's famous "Black and White" ball at the Plaza Hotel.

But now you can experience those and other legendary celebrations in your own home, as well as learn about the historic and cultural moments they embodied. This beautifully designed book brings together twenty menus--both authentic and imagined--along with instructions for preparing each dish and recreating the dinners in your home. Each event is represented in multi-page spreads that feature contemporary photographs to help you recreate the meals in your kitchen, while archival images and entertaining essays provide important historical context. 

Legendary Dinners is a fun and sophisticated mixture of culture and food, the book will reside as happily on your coffee table or on your cookbook shelf.

By Anne Peterson. Published by Prestel, 2021. 224 pages, hardcover.