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JT O’Connell’s Ship Chandlery – Newport c. 1925


Founded in 1639, Newport’s proximity to the water shaped its destiny. It provided a natural harbor for commerce, which by 1769 rivalled the commercial hubs of New York and Boston.

Ocean breezes also contributed to Newport’s success, both commercially and aesthetically. By the mid-1800s Newport had entered its “Gilded Age”, when artists, writers and the wealthiest of America’s industrialists built enormous estates or “cottages” for summer getaways. Large yachts were a mainstay of their activities.

The Newporter JT O’Connell saw business opportunities in the city’s growth. He established Newport’s largest ship chandlery – a store that provided supplies and equipment to the yachtsmen and citizens of Newport.

An archival photograph printed on 100% cotton rag paper using the carbon-based Piezography process