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Frog Prince Wax Seal Charm


Inspired by the 1812 tale about a princess who reluctantly befriends a frog that becomes her prince once his spell is broken by her kiss, this charm was made from an 1880 gold signet ring.

Charm is sterling silver and about 1/2" across with open jump link.

Local artist Sue Gray has been hand-crafting timeless jewelry for 31 years from fine metals, sea glass, semi-precious gemstones, and pearls, all while finding inspiration in history. Gray’s vast personal collection of antique wax seals and fobs are used to create molds for her handmade charms and pendants.

Newport’s 400 year history is full of skilled craftspeople and entrepreneurs whose work has transformed the City by Sea. We’re happy to be partnering with local artisans and leaders who are making history today.