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Dubious Documents


From the creator of the best-selling Griffin & Sabine series, which brilliantly challenged the notion of a book, comes a visual epistolary puzzle posed by a mysterious character, Magnus Berlin. Readers must study Berlin’s introductory note, list of clues, and 16 multifaceted notes and envelopes to decode cryptic anagrams, picture-grams, number puzzles, and wordplay. When solved, each clue reveals one word. How these words relate and interact is the ultimate mystery in Dubious Documents.

Packaged inside a folio with a tuck-flap cover, spine stitching, and all 16 envelopes bound, Dubious Documents is an art object, keepsake, and puzzle in one treasured volume, and a distinctive gift or self-purchase for fans of puzzles, riddles, and anyone who enjoys an exquisitely designed challenge. Once again, Bantock pushes the concept of what a book can be, and invites the reader to become part of the experience to reveal the secret within.