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Dr. Hunter's Cuticle Cream


A piece from Dr. Hunter’s original line of remedies, this little tub packs a powerful punch. A beeswax base works to soften and remove cuticles, promoting healthy nail growth by conditioning the nails to avoid splitting and cracking, while giving a healthy, pink tint to the nail beds. We've conveniently provided this cuticle cream in a slim, re-sealable tin (with screw-top lid) so that you can keep a tin (or more) within easy reach at all times, because you'll soon understand why Dr. Hunter's Cuticle Cream has remained a perennial customer favorite for decades.  Massage into cuticles around fingernails and toenails every night before bed, or whenever skin is dry, ragged, or cracked

Not tested on animals, .55 oz in tin.

Caswell-Massey is one of America’s oldest continually operating apothecaries and perfumeries. It was founded by Newport’s Dr. William Hunter in 1752 and was housed for several years near Washington Square in Newport. Newport has also influenced the company’s products, with scents inspired by the city and the alluring life of its residents.