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Classic Cocktail Kit

Make a total of 18 cocktails with this set of cocktail sugar cubes! The boxed set includes cubes to make six of each of the following cocktails: Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, and Moscow Mules. 
Suggested Recipes
Manhattan cube + 2oz bourbon + stir on ice
Old Fashioned cube + 3oz rye whiskey + stir on ice
Moscow Mule cube + 2oz vodka + 3oz club soda + 1oz lime juice/wedge
Teaspressa is a company with women in 95% of leadership roles and a diverse staff, 98% of which are minorities, that strives to innovate the drink market while maintaining its intention to create sustainably harvested products in recyclable packaging.  Catching the attention of ABC News, Shark Tank, Vogue, and Refinery29, we at the Museum of Newport History Museum Shop are thrilled to have Teaspressa's products on our shelves.