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Built on Bones: 15,000 Years of Urban Life and Death


Drawing on her own fieldwork in the Mediterranean, Africa, Asia, and beyond, archeologist Brenna Hassett explores the long history of urbanization through revolutionary changes written into the bones of the people who lived it.  Each chapter of Built on Bones moves forward in time, discussing in-depth humanity's great urban experiment.

Hassett explains the diseases, plagues, epidemics, and physical dangers we have unwittingly unleashed upon ourselves throughout the urban past--and, as the world becomes increasingly urbanized, what the future holds for us. In a time when "Paleo" lifestyles are trendy and so many of us feel the pain of the city daily grind, this book asks the critical question: Was it worth it?

By Brenna Hassett, Published by Bloomsbury, 2018, 320 Pages, softcover.