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Another America: The Story of Liberia and the Former Slaves Who Ruled It


The first popular history of the former American slaves who founded, ruled, and lost Africa's first republic.

In 1820, a group of about eighty African Americans reversed the course of history and sailed back to Africa, to a place they would name after liberty itself. They went under the banner of the American Colonization Society, a white philanthropic organization with a dual agenda: to rid America of its blacks, and to convert Africans to Christianity. The settlers staked out a beachhead; their numbers grew as more boats arrived; and after breaking free from their white overseers, they founded Liberia―Africa's first black republic―in 1847.  With empathy and a sharp eye for human foibles, Ciment reveals that the Americo-Liberians struggled to live up to their high ideals. 

By James Ciment. Published by Hill and Wang, 2014. 336 pages, softcover.