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A Woman's Place: The Inventors, Rumrunners, Lawbreakers, Scientists, and Single Moms Who Changed the World with Food


If "a woman's place is in the kitchen," why is the history of food such an old boys' club?  A Woman's Place sets the record straight, sharing stories of more than 80 hidden figures of food who made a lasting mark on history.  In an era when women were told to stay at home and leave the glory to the men, these rebel women used the transformative power of food to break barriers and fight for a better world. 

With gorgeous full-color illustrations and 10 recipes that bring the story off of the page and onto your plate, this book reclaims women's rightful place--in the kitchen, and beyond.

By Deepi Ahluwalia and Stef Ferrari, Illustrated by Jessica Olah.  Published by Little, Brown and Company, 2019, 192 Pages, Hardcover.