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Reading Together: About Lighthouses

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Lighthouse: An Illuminating History of the World's Coastal Sentinels

Lighthouse is packed with extraordinary stories of human innovation, desperate shipwrecks, builders defying the elements and heroic sea rescues. Through more than 350 gorgeous vintage images and historic details, Lighthouse brings the golden age of seafaring alive.

By R. G. Grant. Published by Black Dog & Leventhal; Illustrated edition, 2018, 176 pages, hardcover.

Hello Lighthouse

Watch the days and seasons pass as the wind blows, the fog rolls in, and icebergs drift by. Outside, there is water all around. Inside, the daily life of a lighthouse keeper and his family unfolds as the keeper boils water for tea, lights the lamp's wick, and writes every detail in his logbook.Step back in time and through the door of this iconic lighthouse into a cozy dollhouse-like interior with the extraordinary award-winning artist Sophie Blackall.

By Sophie Blackall. Published by Little, Brown & Company, 2018, 44 pages, hardcover