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Newport Trolley to the Beach c. 1895


Beginning in the 1880s the Newport Street Railway Company would, for a nickel, transport riders from Long Wharf in downtown Newport, then would stop at various points, and travel up Bath Road (now called Memorial Boulevard), ending its trip at One-mile Corner. From there it was a short walk on a paved promenade to Easton’s Beach. At one point the trolley tracks allowed drop-off right at the beach’s pavilion.

Easton’s Beach (also called First Beach as it was closest to Town) was an expansive leisure destination for Newporters and tourists alike. It boasted an enormous pavilion that included restaurants, a carousel, and even a petting donkey. Its 1,000 bath houses allowed visitors to change from their street clothes into bathing costumes (which were normally woolen).

This photograph depicts the trolley – or electric street railway car - at the end of the line, allowing riders to experience “the finest surf bathing on the East Coast”.

An archival image printed on 100% cotton rag paper using the carbon-based Piezography process