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A Taste of History Cookbook: The Flavors, Places, and People That Shaped American Cuisine


The delicious, informative, and entertaining cookbook tie-in to PBS's Emmy Award-winning series A Taste of History.

A TASTE OF HISTORY COOKBOOK provides a fascinating look into 18th and 19th century American history. Featuring over 150 elegant and approachable recipes featured in the Taste of History television series, paired with elegantly styled food photography, readers will want to recreate these dishes in their modern-day kitchens. Woven throughout the recipes are fascinating history lessons that introduce the people, places, and events that shaped our uniquely American democracy and cuisine. For instance, did you know that tofu has been a part of our culture's diet for centuries? Ben Franklin has sung its praises in a letter written in 1770!

By Walter Staib, Published by Grand Central Publishing, 2019, 304 pages, hardcover.