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Staff Book Review: “Begin Again” by Eddie S. Glaude, Jr.

Posted on April 06 2021

Staff Book Review: “Begin Again” by Eddie S. Glaude, Jr.

Reviewed by Mary Ann Nicholson, part-time public engagement specialist at the Museum of Newport History & Shop. 

Its was very difficult to read Baldwin’s passages reflecting his pain and disillusionment; yet he had hope.

Author Eddie S. Glaude Jr. does a phenomenal job explaining much of what Baldwin wrote about The Lie that African-Americans are inferior to the Whites.

For those who are concerned about change, this is an important book. A powerful book with many lessons. The author writes of today’s inequality and also gives us plans and hope for the future.

Who should read this book? Everyone who cares; Glaude gives us ways to “Begin Again”.

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When Mary Ann is not at the Museum of Newport History & Shop, she enjoys spending time with her family and reading.  She says, “I have a love books, and I love to read.  If I don't have reading material in front of my breakfast cereal bowl, then I'm known to read the Cheerio box.  And that is how much I like to read!”


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