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Hard to buy for: particular taste

Posted on October 30 2020

Hard to buy for: particular taste

About a month ago a woman was in the Museum Shop looking for something for her friend as a housewarming gift. Due to the current situation she knew she would not be able to visit her friend’s new home in person for some time and wanted to send a fun and thoughtful congratulatory gift.

While she knew her friend’s taste and saw photos of the house, she remained hesitant on what to send her because of her friend’s meticulous eye and fastidious approach to decorating. She let me know her friend really like modern and pop art but did not want to give her an obligation, like a print for her walls.

Discerning individuals can seem very difficult to buy for because they often have strong opinions and thoughtfully curate the objects around them. Focusing on her friend’s affinity for pop art narrowed her focus and caused her to begin to overthink the gift. When this happens, it can be best to pivot and think outside of the box. To help her do this, I asked her what her friend liked to do at home, does she cook, entertain, or have a hobby? She let me know that her friend did enjoy hosting friends and family and that she was especially looking forward to doing this in her new house. I suggested a board games or puzzles because her friend could pull these out when she hosted, and even leave out as décor pieces on her coffee table (board games are the new coffee table books).

While we have quite a selection of puzzles and games that are art-related, she ultimately decided on ‘Going Going Gone,’ which is a board game about a high-stakes art auction and a deck of the ‘Art Genius Playing Cards.’ The Newport History Museum Shop is a great place to find gifts for interesting and creative people because of the breadth of content covered in the items we carry.

Check back next week to read about finding a gift for someone who is a history enthusiast, expert, or scholar.

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  • Lindsay M.: October 30, 2020

    “Board games are the new coffee table books” – I love that!

    I bought those playing cards for my mom – she loves art but I would be too nervous to buy her a print in case it doesn’t match her taste.

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