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Hard to buy for: enthusiast, expert, and scholars

Posted on November 06 2020

Hard to buy for: enthusiast, expert, and scholars

Have you ever found yourself buying a gift for someone who is an expert, scholar, or just very into a topic and then realized how hard it was to choose the perfect present for them? You find yourself wondering if they already have it and furthermore, if they do not already have it, is there a reason they do not?

This is a fairly common problem shoppers express to us once they begin browsing the Museum Shop. Fortunately, we enjoy working with them to combine their knowledge of the person and our knowledge of the product to choose the perfect gift.

Earlier this week a woman came to us to buy a gift for her uncle because she knows he enjoys reading and learning about the Revolutionary War. After talking with her briefly it was clear she was not sure what exactly he had or had not read within the subject but still wanted to give him a gift related to his interest.

I advised against getting him a book on the subject because he most likely has opinions on what he consumes within the subject and furthermore, owns or has read many of the current books on the Revolution.

It can be difficult to jump into someone’s area of interest, however, referencing their interest through the gift is a great way of showing someone you do in fact, pay attention to what they like. Instead of a book on the Revolutionary War, I suggested the game, ‘Deal or Duel’, the American Revolution Map puzzle, or even a set of reproduction wine glasses with a packet of wassail spices. While she did not know if he would play or enjoy the game or puzzle, she thought he would love the reproduction wine glasses and wassail but wanted an additional item to go with this gift. I showed her some of our custom items that related to the Revolutionary War, like our matted prints and neckties. She ultimately decided on the one of our custom neckties that features a map of Aquindeck Island during the time of British occupation to pair with the wine glasses and wassail.

Next week we will discuss thoughtful gratitude gifts for the teachers in your life.


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