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Hard To Buy For: Do not know what he likes or is interested in....

Posted on October 08 2020

Hard To Buy For: Do not know what he likes or is interested in....

Last week we received a call at the shop from one of our frequent shoppers who needed help getting a gift for a family friend  She wanted to send him a small, yet thoughtful get-well gift to help him occupy some of his time as he recovered. 

While she does not know him well enough to know if and what he reads, how he enjoys passing the time at home, or his favorite snack foods, she wanted to give him something to lift his spirits and hopefully, will help him occupy some of this time off his feet.   She called us at the Museum Shop to help her with this because she know we would not only wrap and ship the gift for her, but that we could help her pick something that she would not have thought of on her own.

Individuals can often seem hard to buy for when you are not very familiar with their interests or likes and unsure how they enjoy spending their downtime.  In this case, it was clear our shopper did not know him on a personal level, but still wanted to send him a thoughtful gift.

As a starting point we decided it was important that whatever she gave him should be something he could do while off his feet.  While in a pre-Covid world giving him some kind of game to play with his family members when they visited would have been an option to explore, in the midst of Covid it is safe to assume that he would not be receiving many visitors.  We decided that a puzzle would be an ideal thing to give him at this time because it was something he could do alone or with his spouse and chose the 1000 piece puzzle, Titanic: First Accounts, which features a detailed cross section illustration of the ocean liner.

Although this puzzle would have been enough for a get-well gift, our shopper asked if there was something else to go with the puzzle that she could also give him.  In an effort to coordinate, we discussed some of the books we carried on the Astors (who were on board the ship) and the title, Gilded Lives, Fatal Voyage, but since she did not know how avid of a reader he is (or is not), decided against those titles.  Instead, I turned her attention to a new title in our store, Menus that Made History, which is a hardcover book with colorful images of some of history’s most iconic menus, including a dinner menu from the Titanic.  

Within fifteen minutes and from the comfort of her own home, our shopper was able to send a thoughtful, endlessly interesting, and wrapped gift to her recipient.  Not only do we do everything we can to make your shopping experience as easy as possible, but 100% of every purchase proceeds the Newport Historical Society.  We look forward to working with you this holiday season and appreciate all your business and continued support.

Check back next week to read about how we helped a customer purchase a gift for a friend with very particular taste.


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